Hi! I'm

Carlo Scortegagna


Full Stack Developer

What I can do for you & your business

Secure, scalable & tested software for every kind of application and business, from large companies to agile startups.


Lightweight interfaces for every device, with creative UI design & great UX. Build with the latest technologies.


Are you planning a killer mobile app or an ambitious "Internet of Things" project? You definitely need a Json API!


Web-based or native mobile application, from development to deploy. Need an Apple iOS app? Let's talk about it...

My usual workflow includes

Server Side Development

  • Ruby on Rails MVC framework
  • PostgreSQL (MySQL if needed)
  • MongoDB for NoSQL needs
  • Redis, Memcache and Elasticsearch
  • Test with RSpec and Capybara

Client Side Development

  • Ember.js single page apps
  • EmberData with JSON APIs interfacing
  • React components
  • Flux architecture with Redux
  • Grunt, Broccoli or Webpack builds


  • Sass or Scss CSS pre-processing
  • Html5 with Slim or Haml templating
  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript, jQuery libraries
  • Bootstrap or Foundation frameworks
  • Yeoman scaffolding, Bower package manager


  • Linux Servers (mainly Ubuntu)
  • Heroku, Amazon EC2 and S3
  • Nginx (Apache if needed)
  • Unicorn, Puma or Passenger
  • Automated deploy with Capistrano

Tools & others

  • Git versioning on Github or Bitbucket
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Npm & Node.js
  • Seo and Analytics fundamentals
  • Mac OS X or Linux required!


  • Mobile first and responsive web design
  • Native Android app development
  • Titanium mobile applications
  • Native mobile app with React Native
  • I'm waiting the right project to learn Swift
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More about me

My working mission: always learn new things, collaborate with great people, work in smart teams and build amazing and ambitious software. I'm always looking for new work opportunities and new ideas to develop. Contact me to know more.
In my free time I try to travel as much as possible, I like to drive my motorbike and play bass guitar.

Based in Vicenza, Italy